ArcheTOM is a simple easy to use eTOM based process modelling tool that is simple and yet provides some powerful features; it was designed to be used as an individual (standalone laptop or PC based) reference tool which provides full alignment with the eTOM (like an advanced electronic book that can be customized to support your own business processes based on the eTOM).

Download eTOM v17.5

Download latest ArcheTOM Productivity Tool for Windows (43956 Kb.)

Download eTOM v17.0

Download older ArcheTOM Productivity Tool for Windows (46489 Kb.)


ArchiTelco eTOM Productivity Tool

The easiest and most user friendly navigation tool on the market for the Business Process Framework (eTOM)®

There is no need for training with ArcheTOM as its use is very intuitive and anyone can learn all the features in about one hour; a user manual is delivered along with the tool.
The tool is constantly being improved with new navigation-friendly features; our main philosophy is to offer a tool that allows a very intuitive, natural, user-friendly and productive experience with the eTOM framework.
The ArcheTOM can be installed on any PC or laptop that uses any Microsoft Windows operating system version: It has been tested successfully on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems.

You must have an acceptable screen resolution of more than 800 x 600 pixels ; the recommended resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels. The system requires 90 Mb. of available disk space.

Key program functions:

Browse and explore the eTOM through a simple user-friendly point and click interface. It’s Simplicity, Agility and Efficiency – The ArcheTOM offers this in a bundled All-in-one Productivity Tool

“It was a great pleasure for me and my colleagues to have had the opportunity to use the ArcheTOM tool, as it proved instrumental in giving us a closer grip of the static process decomposition from the eTOM level 0 to the lowest level available and to enable us with great ease to become familiar with the detail definitions of processes and more specifically their extended descriptions. Our encouragement goes to the Architelco team who works continuously to deliver improved versions of ArcheTOM.”

Ben Cheikh Larbi Abderrazak
Head of Subdivision Technical Network Auditing
Directorate of Technical Quality
Tunisie Telecom

“ArcheTOM is a very handy tool, it offers a quick and easy navigation across the eTOM framework, through a simple process structure graphical layout and process descriptions. ArcheTOM is also a supporting tool that helps focus and explore any particular, it allows viewing, inspecting and cross-checking processes at various levels whilst allowing to work with their descriptions. ArcheTOM also serves the purpose of a communication tool, very useful during workshops with team and their managers as well as with operational staff.”

Yassine Elhakim KALAM
Business Process Specialist
Directorate of Programs and Transformation
INWI Telecom, Morocco

“We are implementing the OSS/BSS systems for our upcoming greenfield 4G/broadband project in line with TM Forum’s recommendations on Business Process Framework and Information Framework. ArcheTOM provides a very handy dictionary reference to all the Business Process Framework elements, which is very useful. I wish the ArcheTOM team all the best to keep up the ongoing development efforts to meet the needs of eTOM implementers.”

Sudhir Kumar Mittal
Vice President
Reliance Infotel Broadband Services

“We in Allstream are using Frameworx as the “standard model” for Enterprise Architecture. The eTOM concepts and high level processes have permeated throughout the organization; Customer Operations, Marketing, Sales, Network Engineering and IT use them in strategy, planning and organization design. In this context, ArcheTOM has proven to be a very good eTOM reference tool.”

Adrian Hass
Sr. Mgr. IT Enterprise Architecture
MTS Allstream

Other program features:

The tool provides a business process framework based on the eTOM model; it encompasses all process elements including horizontal and vertical process groupings and their decomposition from level 1 to level 4 processes according to the latest eTOM standard version 14.0 (Frameworx 14.0). Each business process is defined by a series of user-definable attributes including Name, ID, Process Context, Brief Description and Extended Description, many other attributes can be defined, such as Inputs, Outputs, Business Rules, Key Performance Indicators, any others that the user may see useful.
Attributes are characterized by Items that can be associated to them; such items can be anything from text definitions to longer text descriptions, to files of any kind that Microsoft Windows recognizes. Hyperlinks can also be attached, they can point to any Internet URLs, but they can also be linked to Intranet data or files.

Creating a report in Excel format:

You can create a report of your current process hierarchical structure by means of using the “Reports” item on the main menu on the top of the screen. Using this feature will create a report in Excel in the directory of your choice, with the name of your choice too.
Please bear in mind that the report is provided in a basic format to capture the process structure you have created in the application.
Once the report has been created, you will need to format it within Excel according to your specific needs and objectives.

Search and Find any process name or process ID in the eTOM:

The ArcheTOM provides a very easy to use Search facility through a ‘Point-&-Click’ search box, you can search for a business process element by entering its process ID or its process name; this is a very simple way to allow direct access to any process element in the eTOM including any processes that have been created by the user himself.

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