ABOUT ArchiTelco

ArchiTelco stands naturally for “Telco Architecture”, it was created in January 2003 as an open association of Telecoms industry experts.

ArchiTelco's vision is to explore opportunities for leveraging new and existing architectural models, frameworks and methodologies to improve the efficiency and overall performance of telecommunications service providers from an Enterprise Architecture perspective. The term architecture is very broad, it embraces all aspects that must be managed in order to achieve an effective business integration in support of the company's vision and strategic objectives; from the implementation of valuable business processes, to deploying a lean and efficient functional organization, to catering and managing software applications, systems and technology infrastructure.

Today, ArchiTelco's activities are revolving around the research and promotion of best practices in enterprise architecture, by leveraging existing as well as new innovative architectural artefacts, frameworks and methods across the entire ICT industry value chain.



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