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ArchiTelco has been successfully delivering consulting and advisory services, as well as training sessions in the most relevant Enterprise Architecture frameworks and methodologies applied to the Telecommunication industry and the IT sector in general for the last 14 years.

The focal point is on fostering the effective adoption of best practices in Enterprise Architecture and leveraging industry standards in order to improve performance and achieve tangible business benefits.

ArchiTelco's method is based on leveraging the best of kind, most prominent industry standards and models, such as Frameworx from the TM Forum, namely the Business Process Framework (eTOM), the Information Framework (SID), the Application Framework (TAM) and the Integration Framework (formerly known as TNA); also the Open Group Architecture Framework (known as TOGAF), also the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the Zachman framework, COBIT, CMMI, Agile and some others.



The effective management of an enterprise's architecture and the efficient design and automation of its business processes are of vital importance to ensure success in daily operations as well as in the achievement of longer term strategic objectives.

Today, there are several different but complementary enterprise frameworks and methodologies available to manage and improve an organization’s overall performance; examples of the most relevant in the ICT industry are certainly the Frameworx (eTOM, SID, TNA, TAM) from the TM Forum, but also the TOGAF from the Open Group, the Zachman framework, the ITIL from the ITSMF, CMMI from the SEI, Six Sigma, the Balanced Scorecard, SCOR, Lean methods, IDEF, COBIT from the IT Governance Institute, etc. just to name the most widely known and used; but many top global firms have also their own proprietary frameworks and methodologies.
On the other hand, experience proves that specific frameworks can be used for specific purposes more or less successfully, but depending on the context where applied, any methodology or framework has both strengths and weaknesses.

In ArchiTelco we believe in the best architectural practice of leveraging and combining different frameworks and methodologies, through a well balanced approach, addressing specific needs most effectively and to best ensure a valuable outcome and the achievement of higher value.

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